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Frequently asked questions, about growing.

Depends how big you want the plant to get. The plant can also grow with minimal lights. But in that case you will get minimum buds at the end of the grow and the ‘bud to leave’ ratio will be low when you use low wattage during the whole grow. In the first weeks the plant needs less light and the bigger it gets the more it can take up. Stretching means the plant needs more light (long internodes). But to be specific: i would say an minimum averarage of 30 watts is needed. The more the better. But light burn and to high temperatures are really bad for the plant. So youve got to keep it in balance.

Offcourse when you grow in a small setting like a pc micro grow, the smell will be less then a big grow room. But the smell will still be strong! I mean i got 20+ grams from my pc micro grows. Think about it: how would it smell when you have 20 grams of buds laying around in the open in your room?

Topping an autoflower is most of the time not advisable because an autoflower has an short life cycle compared to an regular Cannabis plant that you can put on 12/12 when you want. Meaning: with an regular Cannabis plant you can deside how long the plant grows before it goes into flowering. When you top an autoflower you disturb the already precious time that the plant has to develop itself. But to be honest, i tried topping an autoflower before and the plant did great after it and still became pretty big. Since then autoflower are only becoming stronger and i think its no big deal. However i prefer LST (Low Stress Training). Or a mix of both 🙂

For the first grow the best thing to do is use a oldscool- stable strain like White Widow, Northern lights, Skunk or a similar strain. Good stable genetics will give a strong plant that produces fast and big. This stable genetics is created by crossing/improving the strain over the years. You definetly dont want a sativa focussed strain on the first grow because of the extra long grow cycle, special needs and large size (stretched).

When you are a beginner grower, i would definetely advise you to start with an autoflower. An autoflower doesnt need to have a strict light schedule. It goes into flowering when the plant thinks its time. It basicly needs food water and light and a autoflower is happy. An non autoflower (aka feminised or regular) has a strict light schedule. You need a timer to set your lights and you desde when its time for flowering and you deside how long the plant will be in the grow stage. An non autoflower takes more care (light schedule), but you have more influence on the plant (size of the plant).

When you are starting a grow its important to realise that light has a very big influence on the growth of the plant. In dutch we say: licht is gewicht, meaning: light equals weight. So basicly the more lights the better? Actually, yess thats true. But its also important to reliaze that these lights give of heat. Heat can have a big negative impact on growing. It rises the temperature in your grow room en gives fluffy buds (they can taste nice though). HPS gives the most heat. Its a really powerfull light system that is used for more then only Cannabis growing. It has been used by growers for a very long time. A lot of growers see it as the most reliable option.

LED systems are relatively new. As LED systems develop quikly for usage in our house and even on the streets. LED systems for plant growth, are also getting better by the day! Its really a beautifull technical development. Because of the fact that LEDs are new, they are a bit more difficult to use (less knowledge). For example, LED light burn is a problem that you see a lot with (amateur) LED cannabis growers. I have several examples on my YouTube channel. LED lights shine very bright, like a laser. So when they are used and put to close, the plant just cant handle it (just like the plant cant stand to much heat from HPS). Some LED lights have a front system (removable in a lot of cases) that lets the LED light shine wide or very focussed. 

CFLs can be bought at pretty much every garden or electricity shop, making them the perfect option for the home grower that wants to start a first grow. They are also pretty cheap! Even when you have a good LED system. Soms extra CFL’s can really make the difference to put in some extra wattage for a bigger yield. However, CFL lights are not very strong, they dont shine very far (put them close) and they give of a lot of heat.

When the soil is dry. Feel it with your hands! Dig a little bit in the soil to get a propper indication.

Your plant has a nutrient deficiency. When the plant doesnt get enough nutrients it will use the nutrients it has in it leaves, making the plant look light yellow-ish. When the problem isnt solved, the yellow color will turn brown and stay brown. A brown leave cant recover, however when you make a mistake and you have some brown leaves, even though brown leaves cant recover, the Cannabis plant has some amazing mechanisms to create new leaves.